The advent of the internet has triggered a lot of trends and even given birth to a lot of business that otherwise have no physical existence. To make sure that business functions well and has no hitches there are a lot of precautionary measures and strategies that are developed. One of them fast gaining pace is the adoption of a no .com domain! This might sound strange, but the trend is now being adopted widely. Recently, we saw Google buy the .app domain and Amazon purchasing the .buy domain. These two are internet giants, and when they choose something, the smaller businesses and companies are sure to follow. Therefore, the prices of a no .com domain are on the rise.

There are many companies that are focusing on, adopting a non-generic and a non-dot com domain, so that they can stand out from the crowd. These companies feel that they can be more creative when they are adopting these original domain names as these domain names allow them an open field of thinking according to their brands and requirements. The benefits that your business can avail due to a no domain are numerous some of the most obvious ones are as follows:

  • The domain names other than the dot-com seem to convey more meaning. These domain names seem more meaningful because they are more relevant to the brand or the product. A dot-com domain name may seem like a very general one, and this is why people are trying to drift away from the dot-com routine and adopting newer domain names.
  • The domain names that are other than dot com are catchy, and people tend to remember much better and much more efficiently than the normal ones. For example, a catering business owner can opt for a as a website address. This seems to be conveying the business much more efficiently than
  • Domain names other than dot com are easily searchable. For example, Mazda has added as a subsite for their main site. This helps in promoting the lease option that they have recently started. Companies using domain names other than the traditional one are using it creatively to grow and expand their business and establish an impactful effect on their visitors. These addresses make sites more reachable and in many cases even directly searchable instead of going through the primary site to the section that they desire.


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